Hi there, I’m Brittany. I love lace, antiques, and bright pops of color. Strangely enough that kind of explains my personality which I have only recently been embracing. . .  my personality I mean. For years, I’ve tried to hide those pops of color because goodness, what would people think???????? And seriously what do bright pops of color have to do with lace and antiques??? Slowly I’m discovering that it doesn’t matter what people think and that God made me with those colorful pops, to hide them is to say that He messed up in making me, me.

Prepare yourself to be a bit shocked and alarmed at the things that sometimes come out of mouth, err, from my keyboard. At the same time know they come from a heart that loves Jesus and people {YOU}. It’s going to be quite the ride. (my mom usually suggests a good seat belt and a firm grip on the door handle)

I am married to a wonderfully patient man, pretty much exactly opposite of me. He’s calm and practical and keeps me sane. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I have the hugest crush on him.

I get to be the Mommy of a little brown eyed, curly haired, spunky little girl named Avienne Hope. She has proven to be exactly what her name means–my little bird of hope. She sings and dances and giggles her way through life. If you can’t tell, I am her biggest fan. (well, Daddy’s putting up some pretty tough competition in that department come to think of it)

We live in a little house on the golf course. Our life is rarely dull and brimming with the goodness of our God.


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