Hi there, I’m Brittany. I love lace, antiques, and bright pops of color. My sink is usually full of dishes, there are crumbs on my floors, and quite often it looks like a toy factory exploded in my living room. Usually you can find me avoiding housework behind my computer screen creating something pretty. I tackle life with coffee in my hand and Jesus in my heart.

I am married to a wonderfully patient man. He’s calm, practical and keeps me sane. Clint is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I have the hugest crush on him.

I get to be the Mommy of a brown eyed, curly haired, spunky little girl named Avienne Hope and a little boy named Lincoln Bradley.  Avi sings, dances and giggles her way through life. Lincoln’s personality, eye color, and hair texture have yet to be discovered. Currently he coos & smiles, eats & sleeps, loves fuzzy blankets and hates being in groups of people.

We live in a little house on a golf course in town. Our life is rarely dull or neat and absolutely brimming with the grace & goodness of God.



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