here I sit again.

a very white blank page to fill.

not sure how.

this morning my friend came over to walk with me and hang out for a bit. she’s moving in a couple weeks. . . to ohio. and i am completely blue about it. i’ve tried to be pretty strong and not lose it cause hey if that’s where God wants them that’s where they need to be. but today i just want them to stay. i’m not exactly sure how i’m going to make it with her not around. i certainly will be very less ‘green’ without her influence. she keeps the hippie alive in me. and probably will take less walks. and be sad because she’s a comfortable friend. and she’s leaving.  so there, em. see, I really do love you.

it’s been an up and down sort of week. mostly because of that crazy deer taking an evening stroll down the middle of a very busy highway. quite possibly it’s also related to the post i was going to write but don’t have the heart to actually type it up anymore this week. maybe next week.

also, just checking out the sentence structure of my first full paragraph. wow. that is a thing of. . . well, not beauty that’s for sure.  but hey. that’s what happens when you have to write three times a week. well it doesn’t seem to happen to anyone else. their posts always look great. but they’re not me. this is what my posts look like at 3x’s a week.

i’m feeling lowercase today. can you tell?? tehee, can you imagine if i was feeling uppercase?? i mean, how overwhelming?????? it would look like i’m yelling everything. isn’t it silly how much letter size affects how we “hear” things. oops, i might be cheering myself up. can’t have that.

BUT, y’all, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. The tree’s and grass are a beautiful green. I have some tea brewing. The house is quiet. I got to spend the morning with my friend. I don’t have bad life. Just having a sad day.

because this post is so. . . blah, I don’t think I will post a link to it from my facebook page. I’ll just sort of sneak it on here. 😀



One thought on “lowercase

  1. I’m sad with you. friends leaving is kinda a big deal. a big sad deal. if you need to feel blue with someone come to my house. we’ll drink tea and watch bbc on my couch with an over abundance of fuzzy blankets. and Avi can be besties with Piper for the day.

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