I found two bunches of wild looking flowers and greens at the grocery store last week. They are hard enough for me to resist when full price, seeing the $2 sticker. . . yeah, I couldn’t resist them.  I have a thing for wildflowers.  There is something so true and noble about them. I love their careless beauty. Like them or not,  they’re going to bloom and do it the best they can. Some flowers demand attention. Wildflowers don’t. They’re just there. Blooming and happy to be doing that.

I took the bunches apart to put into vases, through that process I created a huge mess on my table and floor. They were even beautiful in their mess. The green and pink pieces spread across the wood table and tile floor brought me all kinds of delight.

Let’s be wildflowers, dear love. Let’s just bloom and bloom, no matter what people think, no matter what mess we’re in. I promise that Someone delights in seeing us do just that.


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