Today I went to the funeral of a man I didn’t know that well. He played softball with my husband. His wife was friends with my friends, we shared the same name though the spelling of hers was so much cooler than mine, I had chatted with her some but its not like we were  close. At one point we found out that her husband was my husbands age, and she was mine, her son is like six months older than my daughter. That sort of shocked me because I thought she was a good bit older than me, not that she looked it but just the way she carried herself. For some reason, she has always been extremely special to me. If you know her at all you can understand that. She’s a sweetheart and that’s all there is to it. Her little family meant a lot to me whether they knew it or not. Earlier this year the man was diagnosed with cancer. He fought his battle against it valiantly and in the end, Jesus took him home.

As I sat through the service today I was so incredibly inspired, convicted, and humbled. The man told someone, “I am glad I got cancer, because of what it did to my relationship with Christ.”  He would repeatedly tell people, “Don’t feel sorry for me.” When people would comment that it wasn’t fair, that he didn’t deserve this, he would respond with, “No one deserves this.” Not bitterly but to let them know that he didn’t think he deserved any special treatment. In the time/generation we find ourselves in it’s hard to imagine that someone would say things like that and really mean them enough to live them. It seems like we live in such a selfish time. It’s all about ME and MY happiness. Luke wasn’t like that. He was devoted to his family and His God. He didn’t go through life haphazardly, he lived with purpose and the amount of people that were at the funeral let you know he touched a lot of people’s lives.

I don’t know if you will read this Brittni, but I also wanted to say some things about you. You have been so strong, you have been such an incredible wife to Luke. We are in a generation where leaving is so easy, that sticking around for the tough stuff isn’t required. That wasn’t an option for you. You LOVED him, and you did it so well. You adored him and didn’t belittle him. He was your Hero. It’s hard to put into words what exactly I am trying to portray, we’ve both been through Daughters of Sarah, so I think you understand what all I mean when I say, your respect for your husband was incredible and so beautiful.  I was humbled over the last couple months, reading your posts on Facebook, hearing stories about you. . . I only hope I can be as good of a wife to my husband as you have been to yours. You are incredibly precious to me,  one of my heroes. I pray that Jesus  will hold you tightly as you try to find a new normal.




One thought on “Life

  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to both Brittni and Luke. They’re both incredibly special people and their love is something I’ve always admired.


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