a new venture

I  am terrified to blog.

I have seen so many bloggers eaten alive by readers.

There is also a tremendous about of blogs out there. This appears to be the age of knowledge, err, maybe more like opinions. Everyone has one. Everyone appears to have a blog. Thus I don’t need to blog.

I used to blog regularly. For a while because it was a way to get my thoughts out of my head and it was almost like talking to someone.

Then I did it because if you wanted to have a relatively decent photography business  it appeared like having a blog was a crucial element. But because of the somewhat canabalistic nature of blog readers I kept it very very light and safe. Didn’t venture into any areas that might cause mothers to herd their children out of my path when they see me coming towards them at church or at the very least look at me like I was something they found on their shoe.

The last 6 months or so I’ve been throwing around the idea of having a blog. Not a light blog. A real blog. One where I share what I’m thinking, the way God has been speaking to me personally, and one where I might very well be eaten alive.

I think I need to blog. Regularly. Not because my ideas are life changing and the world needs to hear them but simply because of the courage and bravery it requires on my part, the ‘not living in fear of what people will think of me’ aspect of it, and because I am never so fully alive as I am when I write. Something about seeing my thoughts get scratched out on a piece of paper or in this case on my little blog.

It terrifies me. Absolutely terrifies me. But I am going to slip my hand into His and trust Him. He has asked me to do this. For some reason. I don’t know why. But like I said, I’m going to trust Him.

You are welcome to follow along. Comment. Eat me alive. Herd your children away from me. Never read my blog. Not comment. Whatever you feel led to do. I will be writing away just the same.



5 thoughts on “a new venture

  1. Oh Britty. I’m so thankful we get to be sisters. You have a beautiful heart and I’m excited to read every. single. blogpost. 🙂 Your bravery inspires me. ❤ I love you so stinkin' much.


  2. You want to know my very first impression of you? I followed someone’s link to your blog post about depression. It was honest and real and it was what I thought the world needed to hear about it! I admired you hugely for that post, because I knew it was brave. I should have contacted you then and there and said, “let’s be soul sisters.” Ha ha! (I had forgotten about that post until recently.)


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