Mother’s Day

To the girl I made a mother,

thank you for being my mom. for dressing me up to go grocery shopping when I was tiny. for making me toast and chocolate milk when I was sick, for sleeping next me when I was terrified of being alone, for teaching me Bible verses to say when I was scared.

thank you for pursuing me as a teenager, for wanting a friendship with me. I feel so blessed to be able to have my mom as one of my best friends. thank you for walking through my depressions with me. for teaching me everything you knew about depression and the faithfulness of God when life is so dark. Thank you for taking care of my little Avi when I was too sick to do anything.

thank you for all the messes you helped me clean up, for all the suppers you cooked, for the beautiful dresses you have made me, for loving me when I was the least lovable and for always believing in me, cheering me on, and being proud of me no matter what.

I love you, Mom. I am so proud to be your daughter.



to the tiny girl who made me a mommy,

oh Avi, you are such a joy. Thank you for being my little girl, for being so gracious the first three months of your life when I couldn’t take care of you like i wanted to,  for cleaning right beside me, for chatting with me and reading books to me, for the big grin every morning when I come to get you, for kissing my owies, for the tight hugs, for the messes you make, for making me go outside, for picking dandelions for me, for all that you are teaching me about grace and unconditional love. you are one of my greatest treasures. my constant reminder of God’s love.

I love you sweet girl. I am so so so so blessed to be your mommy.




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