mind blown

Someone said: “Jesus was perfect, and people still rejected him.”

It’s been running through my head ever since. The implications are. . . well, kind of mind blowing to me.

Do you get this?? Jesus was perfect and still rejected by people. That means he said the right thing every time, he never let anyone down, he loved perfectly.

. . . and that was still not good enough for some people. 

If Jesus wasn’t enough. . . is it any wonder that we as His followers are rejected daily?

Perfect love wasn’t enough. Imperfect human love for sure won’t be.

I will never be perfect and even if I was it’s no guarantee that I or my God wouldn’t be rejected. 

If Jesus’ love isn’t enough for me. . . earthly love will never be right either.

If the gospel wasn’t accepted from Christ. . . is it any wonder it is rejected today?

If it was rejected then, do I really think I can keep it from being rejected now? That I can somehow improve upon how Christ loved, lived, taught? That I can somehow make it more acceptable and it still remain the gospel?

Like I said my mind is blown right now. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be able to articulate my feelings/thoughts better. But right now, I can’t. And it’s the only thing I can write about today. . . because. . . it’s about all I can really think about right now.


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