His Law

 I am reading through the Bible this year. She Reads Truth has a plan all figured out for me each day and so I’ve been working on that. Each Sunday is spent in the Psalms. Sundays in October have Psalm 119 divided into sections so it actually takes a month to read through it. I am behind in my reading (naturally, working on catching up though.)  Today was my day to read another piece of Psalm 119. It’s extremely humbling.

“Then shall I not be put to shame. . . when I have respect to ALL your commandments. . .

your word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you. . .

Remove from me the way of falsehood and unfaithfulness [to You] and graciously impart Your law to me. . .

I will [not merely walk but] run the way of Your commandments when you give me a heart that is willing. . .

My flesh trembles and shudders for fear and reverential, worshipful awe of you, and I am afraid and in dread of Your Judgements. . .

Therefore, I love your commandments more that gold, more than refined gold.. .

I opened my mouth and panted for I longed for Your commandments.”

What do you do with words like that in a generation that HATES to have anyone tell them what to do? One that most of all doesn’t want to think that God may want a little more from them then Sunday Church Services? I know we humans have a tendency to turn Christianity into a religion instead of a relationship with Almighty God. I get that. But that does NOT justify our lack of respect for the commandments of God.  Leaping from one ditch straight into the other. . . well that’s still a ditch, we’re supposed to walk a narrow road, not pick a ditch.

I read over my Psalm 119 section today, in awe of the attitude of the writer. Do i want to RUN in the commandments of God? does my flesh tremble and shudder for fear, reverential, worshipful awe of God? Do I love His commandments more than gold? Am I seeking for more ways to be obedient to Him?  I can’t say yes to those questions. . . not if I am being completely honest. If I am completely honest, I have a tendency to not  look too closely at the Word of God for fear of what He might require of me next. It’s hard to see things like: love your enemy, don’t be envious, forgive our sins as we forgive those who sin against us, the way you judge others is the same way you will be judged, don’t eat meat if it offends someone, don’t repay evil for evil.  It’s hard to read them let alone LOVE them. Delight in them. Ask for a heart that’s willing to obey the commandments He gives me all while eagerly seeking for more commands? Wow. So convicting. At the same time it’s extremely exciting for me. Because recently God has shown me that I don’t have to control or be in control of anything, I simply have to obey what He asks of me, and He’s given me a whole book on the subject. (I really can’t wait to share that story with you. But. . . I have to because, well just because.) So its an exciting confirmation to me as well as an extremely convicting thought.

I am not sure how to end this post. For some reason that’s usually the hardest part for me. It’s hard to end something that you’re not done mulling over. . . so I guess I will just end it. and say that I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


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