Hosting Disclaimer

I love having people over. I love to sit and chat. I don’t like crowds but I so love to connect with friends from my couch. 😀

Problem is: I have this phobia of someone checking out my house and leaving with the idea that I am a horrible housekeeper, wife, mother, etc. I mean did you SEE those dust bunnies?!?!?

Usually having people over is more stress than fun. Because I stress about my house needing to be perfect and my food needing to be out of this world amazing. My child being on her best behavior and my serving to be so thoughtful and constant.

SIGH. Anyone else face this?

This last weekend some friends stopped by on their bicycling across America trip. Ok so the last two weekends were crazy. I left for  my uncles funeral Friday  (July 24) which was in Missouri,  came home on Tuesday night (July 28) around 8, spent Wednesday resting, Thursday at my moms doing my laundry, Friday (July31) afternoon left to go camping, and Sunday afternoon came back, my friends came that evening. All that to say. . . my house was a disaster. It had seen very little love for quite some time.

I found myself facing a choice. Usually I choose to scurry around like a chicken with it’s head cut off doing cleaning this, organizing that, vacuuming this room, mopping that one, angry that my husband and child are continually in my way. This time I didn’t have the energy to do all that, so I decided, you know what, I’m not going to go crazy this time. I actually took a little nap before even thinking of tackling my house. (THIS IS SO NOT ME!!!!) I will say that once I got up I cleaned up my house a bit. But unfortunately for my guests, there was still dust on my furniture and dirt on my floor. Toys were kind of scattered abroad. We didn’t have a gourmet meal, we had burgers and left over cake, bars, and ice cream. They didn’t get to stay in a wonderful room. My guest room doubles as my sewing (HA! me sewing?!?! Too funny), craft, catch all room. It’s a box springs and mattress on the floor. And I will really tell on myself here, I didn’t even have sheets for the bed (dryer out of commission, I wait till company comes to wash my sheets for that bed… alas. They did have blankets though.).

You know what, I had so much fun!! I am not sure how they felt about it all. But for once in my life I had company without losing my head. I was just me, dirt and all. That experience has led me to decide that it’s not worth it to get stressed out over  company. Be it over night or just for the evening.

-So here is my disclaimer for guests:

My house is not like a southern living magazine house. Three people live in my house. None of us are overly neat. I am not a super finicky house keeper.  Thus you can plan on there being a bit of dust/dirt here or there to make you feel at home. You might even trip over some of my daughters toys. The food will most likely be simple. If you are staying overnight be aware of the fact that my guest room doubles as my catch all/craft room.

-What you can plan on is this:

Three people who are absolutely DELIGHTED to have you here. We love filling our home with our friends. We will do our best to make the fellowship sweet and refreshing.

If you happen to stay over night the bathroom will be clean, the sheets freshly laundered (if my dryer doesn’t give out, that is.), my ‘guest’ room will do it’s best to not be cluttered.


^ and that adorable face will greet you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hosting Disclaimer

  1. I always do the wild crazy cleaning before someone comes. Both of my girls try tell me I don’t have to clean like that for people but there is just that inner something that drives me to it. If I do happen to have people over and it’s dirty, I make myself promise I will not drive them to insanity apologizing for the dirt. 🙂


  2. Thanks Brittany! I have come to the conclusion that if people come to see my dirt they are not here for the right reason! I have learned to not be quite so picky about my house since we became youth leaders! I have learned that most of the time if people want to come to our place, it’s because they want to come see us not our house! I must admit I love going to someone’s house that is not perfect! It makes me feel more at home! I think it is a learning process, and I’m not completely there yet either! Love reading your posts!


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