This is my favorite bread recipe. Mostly because it always turns out no matter what flour (whole wheat, white, half wheat and half white) I use. 🙂 I have discovered that it tastes better when you follow the recipe and use the recommended salt also that letting it rise for too long. . . causes flat bread (but uhh, those things WOULD happen to me). 😀 I love that it taught me the nifty trick of measuring out the oil then using the same measuring cup to measure out the honey. It just schloops  right in that way. I also love that I don’t have to guess about if it’s done or not. 30 minutes at 350 and it’s ALWAYS done. It’s perfect for me cause it just makes 2 loaves, though uhh, of course beings I was photographing this batch it turned out ENORMOUS. It’s never gotten this fat. I could have gotten 3 if not four loaves out of this one.

20150608-IMG_8117 20150608-IMG_8129 20150608-IMG_8131

This is what the ‘sponge’ should look like ^

20150608-IMG_8134 20150608-IMG_8135 20150608-IMG_8138 20150609-IMG_8142 20150609-IMG_8144 20150609-IMG_8145

Author: Jami Boys – An Oregon Cottage
^ click link for recipe


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