Healing In Your Arms//My Hope

So I guess this week I don’t really have a whole lot to say. I have a whole lot on my heart but am not sure how to put words to it all. I will leave you with these songs. They’ve been incredibly special to me the last while–

“I’m waking up, I’m breaking out
I’m leaving behind the fear and doubt
I’m letting go, I’ll trust and fall
‘Cause I know there’s healing in your arms”

“Nothing can reach,
The end of all Your faithfulness
Your grace is with me,
Through every shadow, every test
I’m hangin’ on
I’m leaning in, to You

I don’t know where you’ll take me
But I know You’re always good
My hope is built on nothing else,
Than Your great love, Your righteousness
I will not walk another way
I trust Your heart, I trust Your name
I’m holdin’ on
I’m holdin’ on, to You”


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